Phantoms Dance 

I show up at work
it's ten past nine
the place is quiet
tranquil sublime

A cluster of candles
dim lit it smokes
lighting the pillars
in luminary jokes

The shadows dancing
twirling about
my mop and dust rag
silently shout

Calling the saintly
revelry sounds
down from the ceiling
through catacomb grounds

Vaulted ceiling rings high
organ pipes sigh
saints here and there die
and come back on the wry

They join in the jig
ethereal grace
lemon cleanser sprays
like prayers up in space

Dust and air swirling
mute statues chanting
my broom is prancing
with all the ghosts dancing

A pale young dervish
in billowing sheets
now dead long ago
spectral she sweeps

They come every night
right after me
dancing in the candle light
helping me clean

It's a really big job
to do all alone
I command all the ghosts
from astride my throne

All the pews shining
fragrance entwining
my phantoms are dieing
my waltz subsiding

The candles still lit
done now with work
I blow them all out
wipe my hands on my shirt

Darkness falls from the vaults
in black dusty tendrils
stamping my timecard
in color-stained windows.