The Ladybug jives
around the old beehive
where there are no stings anymore
She takes the look
of a pending crook
and slowly slides by the door

Ladybug thief
and old Ant wino
Grasshopper grief
but it's alright though

Grocery cart handy
all loaded with brandy
concealed in paperbag stink
inside it's as dry
as a dead fly's thigh
but it's quiet and she can peaceful drink

cause Ladybug thief
and old Ant wino
can't find no peace
and it's alright now

Her spots're faded
temperament jaded
she never checks her bags at the door
cause an Ant will count
a six-leg discount
like a scratch that ain't sore anymore

From her new front porch
there comes a sudden knockin'
and light of a flaming torch
and hears voices mad and angry talkin'

She screams like a bum
acid-burned at the thumb
as flames start licking at her walls
it's a pretty bad trip
spinning making sick
and lightly her new house falls

Now Ladybug thief
burns in the grease
of flaming wasp saliva
old Ant wino
is mighty fine though
eating his chocolate by Godiva